Matthew 21:22

Pray for Ramadan (day 23-25)

There are only 7 more days of Ramadan this year.

This weekend pray again with renewed furver that Jehovah will make himself known to Muslim people all over the world this week. Pray that they will have dreams and visions and feel the love our a Father has for us and how vastly different HE is from Allah.

Pray again for multitudes to turn to Christ this week as Ramadan comes to to an end so that the closing festivities will have a whole new meaning for thousands of Muslims.

And as you pray this weekend, hold onto the promise that whatever you ask for in prayer you will receive if you have Faith and ask according to the will of God. We know that he isn’t willing that any should perish, so pray boldly.



Matthew 7:7

Pray for Ramadan (day 22)

God says that if we seek Him, we will find Him.

Ramadan is a time of seeking for many Muslims. Pray today that they will seek with all of their hearts for truth and for the true God. If they do he will not leave them empty. They will find Him.

Pray also for those who might be used to help them “find”. Pray for courage and wisdom for them.



Pray for Ramadan (day 21)

I was reading again today about the people of West Africa, Mali specifically but the story is similar in many West African countries.

Mali has a very small percentage of Christians and is primarily Muslim. (Other west African countries have a higher percentage of Christians but still many people who follow Islam.)

Pray that African pastors , specifically those in Mali, would be filled with the desire to reach their own people. Pray for the organizations that are equipping African pastors with the resources and the teaching that they need to effectively reach the unreached people in their own countries.

Pray for African pastors who are caught up in the teachings of “prosperity gospel”. Pray that the Holy Spirit would correct their thinking and open their eyes to the truth in the Word or bring people into their lives who can guide them into correct thinking.

Pray that African believers would be filled with a deep hunger to know Jesus more and to share Him with everyone around them, and especially with their Muslim neighbours.

Pray that African Muslims would see a difference in their Christian neighbours and would desire to have the same peace and joy that they have.



Pray for Ramadan (day 20)

When I was in Bible School I had this roommate, she is the kind of girl you love instantly, she is adorable inside and out, bubbly, full of life and full of love for the lost and especially for Muslims.  She grew up in a country that is primarily Muslim, the daughter of missionaries and she always had a heart to go back.

She met a cool guy who shared her desires, they were married and moved over to South Asia to do the work the Lord had laid out their hearts. They have been there for close to a decade now. Time flies.

Today I want to take some time to pray for them and the people in their city, especially the people they have been building relationships with. Pray for hearts that are open and full of questions. Pray for wisdom for my friends and their coworkers. Pray for a ridiculous abundance of opportunities for them to share the good news to people who are separately thirsting to hear. Pray that they will feel a fresh overflowing of love for the people in their city and lastly that they will be tremendously encouraged as they live their lives so far from their families.



Pray for Ramadan (day 19)

One of the most encouraging things in this life is the knowledge that no matter how we suffer or what kind of hard things we walk through, we have a Father in Heaven who loves us more than a father loves his children. He has a plan for our lives and nothing will ever happen to us on accident. We will never walk alone, he is always with us. He pursues us.

Muslim people do not believe that Allah is knowable. He isn’t a Father who loves them and wants a relationship with them, he didn’t send his son to repair the rift we broke in that relationship. He is interested only  in blind obedience and worship.

Pray today that Muslims will begin to know Jehovah. That they will begin to see the difference between Jehovah who loves them and wants them to know him and Allah who not only doesn’t want a relationship with them but doesn’t even hear them when they pray. Pray today that as they pray all over the world they will begin to have doubts about Allah and that those doubts will lead them to discover the true God.



Pray for Ramadan (day 16-18)

Most people know that there are different branches of Islam, there are Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims. Most people also know that the majority of Muslims are Sunni (around 90% of all Muslims) and Shia Muslims are in about as much danger in ISIS controlled areas as Christians are.

Today let’s take time to pray specifically for Shia Muslims and especially those in areas controlled by ISIS. Pray that God will protect them and give them time to hear and believe the truth. Pray that they will unconsciously seek out Christians around them with childlike curiosity. Pray that they will see Jesus in their dreams  and be filled with a desperate thirst to get to know him. And pray that when they do know Him that they will be filled with love and compassion for the Sunni Muslims around them as well as for their friends and family members.




Pray for Ramadan (day 15)

Today marks the halfway point of Ramadan. I wonder how God has answered my prayers and your prayers in amazing ways that we might never know until we get to Heaven. How awesome is it that we can impact eternity right from our own homes! When i stop to think about just how awesome that is (in the real sense on the word, not the “that movie was awesome” way) I am almost brought to tears. Just sit for a second and really ponder that. It doesn’t matter if you have health problems and can’t ever make it to the mission field. It doesn’t matter if you are 98 years old and wondering how much longer the Lord plans on keeping you around. It doesn’t matter if you are just a little kid and it is past your bedtime but you want to be out changing the world. We can all impact not just the world, but eternity even from inside out own homes, all alone with the Lord. Wow.

Today let’s stop and thank the Lord for the awesome things he is doing in the lives of Muslims around the world. Let’s thank him for loving them SO much and for pursuing them. Let’s thank him for the Muslims who have already come to know him during Ramadan, and let’s thank him with full confidence that many already have. Let’s thank him for the many more who will come to know him in the next 15 days.



Pray for Ramadan (day 14)

Syria is in the news almost every day. ISIS is in control, Christians are severely persecuted, Women are mistreated and not allowed an education.

Today let’s focus our prayers on the people of Syria.

Pray for economic change but most especially for Spiritual Change. We have already been praying and can trust that Jesus is working on the hearts of the Muslims in Syria, so today let’s pray for softness of hearts of the Syrian people that God created in His image and loves more than we could ever imagine. Pray that they will feel His love and open their hearts and minds to Him.

Pray that believers in Syria would be filled with hope and joy.



Pray for Ramadan (day 13)

I admit, often times I forget about how powerful pray is. It is pretty silly when I stop to think about it, how could I discount the importance of bringing my requests before the one who created the entire universe and each plant, animal and person. If I stop to think about what prayer really is it completely blows me away, as it should. But my puny little mind forgets about things like that too often.

Today let’s pray that God will strike a mighty blow at Satan over Ramadan.

When you start to study a bit more about Islam and the teachings of Islam you start to see that in many areas (most especially end times prophesy) Islam is a mirror image of Christianity. It looks a bit similar when you just place at it. We are both monotheistic (although they would not agree that we are because of the Trinity), we both believe that our beliefs started with Abraham, we both believe in Heaven and hell. But that is where the similarities stop and you start to see that everything they believe is the exact opposite of what we believe. Their messiah is our Antichrist from Revelations who will ride into the temple on a pig. Their Jesus is our false prophet who will blaspheme the true Jesus Christ.

Satan really has a stronghold in the religion of Islam, he knows that if he makes it sound similar enough we will be fooled and so will they and he has done a great job of fooling and enslaving so many.

Pray that many Muslims will come to Christ over Ramadan, so many that Satan will tremble.

Prayer is so powerful, we have this awesome opportunity to talk to the one who paints the sunsets, hung the stars and loves us more than we could ever comprehend. Let’s really use that powerful opportunity today.



Pray for Ramadan (day 12)

Today the people of Somalia are on my mind. 99.8% of Somali people are Muslim, converting to Christianity is extremely dangerous and will likely mean torture and death. According to Open Doors the persecution level is extreme (2nd most dangerous country for Christians) and in order to even get access to a  Bible Somali believers must make an extremely dangerous trip to Kenya or another neighbouring and then smuggle it back in.

Somalia is one of the top 50 poorest countries in the world and the poor are VERY poor.

Pray for the Christians there (less that 1% of the population). Pray that God will fill their neighbors with curiosity to know more and a desire to have the same joy and freedom that they have.

Pray for something like what happened at Pentecost to happen in Somolia, for thousands to come to Christ over Ramadan and the days to come. This seems like a pretty “out there prayer”, I know, but bring it before the Lord with boldness knowing that he wants to see this even more than we do.